Who are We?

About our motion graphics

Carbon is a motion graphics and design studio specialising in diverse executions of visual communication. Our expertise spans 2D animation, 3D graphics, live action film, and almost everything in between across broadcast and multimedia platforms.

We are visual innovators, content creators, technical artists, pop-culture vultures and everyday people.

We work with creative agencies, corporate clients, and global brands, producing compelling videos for digital audiences. We love what we do because they love what we do. We know their business and they know ours. 

By embracing challenge we understand different project scopes; from infographics and corporate videos, to television commercials and visual effects. With conceptualisation, brand strategy, and creative direction, we find identity. In our copywriting, illustration, and colour grading, we share aesthetic ingenuity. We visualise our imagination in storyboard development, and we pull it all together with years of experience in motion design, film editing, music composition and post production.

There's a lot of moving parts but it's sum of all parts that drives excellence in everything we do.

Our approach is solution-driven and process-oriented, and that's what moves us forward. By pushing creative boundaries we're able to achieve the unexpected, creating stunning video content and visual experiences. We listen with care, and execute with confidence, uncovering untold stories to help brands deliver messages both meaningful and memorable.