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Baogu Movies Channel

Trailer "Promos At The Movies"

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Baogu Movies Channel for consigning this rewarding project to us. This mock trailer was produced to generate awareness for the channel's 3rd year anniversary announcement. Yes, exactly as the description implies, a mock trailer made to intrigue without any real upcoming feature film. Directed by Tereza Tan, art directed & styled by Holly Suan Gray, this trailer showcases a series of characters whose lives were entwined by six degree of separation. A story of  revenge, gangs, love and mystery with a touch of surrealism. Chained together by famous dialogues of cult movies, this mock trailer takes you on a storytelling journey to showcase the movie channel. This short film won us a bronze award at Promax BDA International 2016 in NYC for Cinematic Specific: "Promos At The Movies".