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Hi TV Indonesia

Hi Indo! - Documentary Ident

We were delighted to be approached by CCTV China to help brand and launch their first Southeast Asian channel. In partnership with Indonesian content provider PT Elnet Media Bersama, Hi Indo! is a free-to-air channel offering the most popular Chinese programmes in Indonesia. Three idents were needed for the the channel u00a0- u201cDocumentaryu201d, u201cEntertainmentu201d and u201cDramau201d.u00a0

For u201cDocumentaryu201d, we wanted to create something with au00a0scientific appeal to reflect the channel's programming. We also wanted this ident to be quirky and somewhat alien.u00a0Using the concepts of gravity and other scientific physicalities, weu00a0managed to deliveru00a0a fascinating and beautifully abstract impression of science and nature. You can say we definitely had chemistry!