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Botanic Panic

As a content agency in Hong Kong specializing in video production, we know how valuable video content is in building brand identity. Our work for Botanic Panic is a proof of this.

Botanic Panic is a makeup collection under MAC Cosmetics described as a “limited edition, labyrinthine garden of hyper-vibrant hues and on-trend topiary tones.” The line carries lipsticks, skin finishes, and eye makeups of different bright and playful shades.

For its promotional video, our team created a surreal 3D animation that features Chinese K-pop idol Lay. The immersive environment utilises moving camera perspectives, playing with the colourful floral elements and overall composition. We also experimented with CG to create morphing effects with the botanicals and to produce organic and fluid motions. The result is a dreamy video representative of the uniquely playful and fun brand.

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