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Oneplus Superless


At Carbon, we believe in collaborating with brands that bring out the artists and innovators in us. As one of the rising brands in video production in HK, we take pride in being part of the campaigns of the clients we work with. Consumer electronics manufacturer Oneplus is one of the many brands we have worked for.

Oneplus 9 Pro is known for its transformative display compared to the most iconic phones evolution from the brick phone to the first 2K 90 Hartz display smartphone. It utilises UI animation and match cut transitions to convey the nostalgic evolution of mobile user interfaces.

Taking cues from both its cutting-edge and nostalgia-inducing features, Carbon came up with a short feature film that focuses on the phone’s unique display interfaces. The video started off with some clips featuring smartphones’ predecessors and then highlighting Oneplus 9 Pro’s superior features.

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