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The Ritz-Carlton

As a branded video content agency, Carbon is proud to have worked with clients from a range of different industries. It is our pleasure to be part of these brands’ commercial undertakings and promotional projects.

Working with The Ritz-Carlton was incredibly exciting. This popular hotel and resort chain is famous for providing luxurious hospitality and dining experiences to clients and the Carbon team created a promotional video for the brand’s Stellar Dining Series. It featured an updated look, using constellations as a major visual element and the theme: “A rare alignment of Michelin stars.”

Our team combined live action footage against grandiose graphics in the video to emphasise the luxurious dining experience that awaited customers. The powerful visuals of the excellent dishes, showing them from preparation to presentation, were skilfully combined with a scintillating soundtrack. This resulted in an epic teaser film that appealed to all the senses.

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